Solastaayer Consultant perceives that each organization has its own nuances in Culture, Management Style , Size and Scale, Products/Services, Hiring examples, Compensation and benefits, etc subsequently “One Size Fits All” approach won’t be viable. Our reaction will be one of a kind inline with every client’s essentials, who are scanning for best assets of Energy Industry in India.

Business Consulting

1.Business model evaluation
2.Competition analysis
3.Go-to-market strategy
4. Unique value proposition analysis

Management Consulting

1. Financial Planning
2. Cost controlling
3. Cost savings
4. Revenue enhancement

Human resource consulting

1.Research of candidate
3.Assessment and training
4.Temporary Outsourcing/staffing
5.Recruitment services
6.Payroll processing
7.Regulatory compliance services
8.Internship programme

Process Outsourcing

1.Process improvement plan
2.Payroll accounting
3.Bookkeeping services
4.Data analysis
5.Data management
6.Help desk support for start-up

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